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Main Events

  • International Academic Activity Symposium (May)
    This symposium introduces and celebrates the outstanding faculty members and students who have achieved international recognition for their international academic and research activities.
  • International Student Festival (May)
    It is a festival which is held every year to celebrate foreign students and professors. It is concurrent with the approval of the date of GUT establishment by the then Parliament.
  • Research Day, (December)
    It is held to introduce the academic and research outcomes and awards prizes to the best researches.
  • GUT Opening Ceremony (September)
    It is held to open the GUT formally in the presence of local and foreign delegates and academic community (professors, students and administrative staff).
  • Graduation Ceremony end of each semester
    It is held to glorify the graduation of the students and awarding them their degrees officially while wearing formal uniform.
  • Student Day, (December)
    It is a day in which the students are celebrated for their struggles for freedom.
  • Felicitation Ceremony for the GUT Friends
    In this day, the friends of GUT are appreciated for their donation and contribution.


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