Wednesday / Feb 24 2021

The invention of a new food heater chamber

Dr. Amir Hossein Meysami, a member of the faculty member of Materials and Student Dept., Ms. Faezeh Aslani of the Golpayegan Engineering and Technology School, has been awarded a patent entitled "Car Warmer Chamber Using Motor Warmer Heat Without Using Fan and Converter "was approved by the Organization for Scientific and Industrial Researches of Iran. As we know, one of the concerns of travelers is eating restaurant dining. Because they do not have the full health of these foods, they may not even have a restaurant at the time of starvation or do not have enough money to buy food. As a result, we place a food heater in the car to solve the problem of passengers. Of course, the traveler's picks for pre-cooked food are a good option, but we do not need to carry a picnic with this box inside the car. The advantage of this heater compartment as opposed to traveling picnics is: 1) No danger of gas leakage and fire 2: No space is occupied in the rear trunk. 3: Other travelers are not at all worried about burning their food. 4: It is not necessary to spend time to warm food. Because you can put food in the chamber and continue to drive, the food itself is heated. 5: Affordable, because there is no need to fill the picnic.

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